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Although my college degree is in Civil Engineering, my favorite course was a yearlong class; ‘The History and Theory of Architecture.’ I am fascinated by the art and design of structures, from ancient to modern.

We often take for granted the buildings we work in, and the churches and cathedrals we worship in. Next time you walk through a door, any door, take a moment to see and sense the art that the architect designed into the structure. If you have the opportunity to visit Europe, a Cathedral will be close by.

The Dom St. Peter is the seat of the Catholic diocese of Regensburg. The church is the prime example of Gothic architecture in Bavaria.

Santorini is characterized by its Cycladic architecture: white painted villages perched on cliffs. Red or blue doors and shutters seem to welcome the visitor.

Greek architecture still has an impact on our modern architecture in ways that are not often apparent. For it is from Greek designs that we get our rules of symmetry and proportion. The Parthenon is perhaps the greatest achievement of Greek design. Construction began in 447 BC when the Athenian Empire was at the height of its power. It was completed in 438 BC although decoration of the building continued until 432 BC. It is the most important surviving building of Classical Greece, generally considered the zenith of the Doric order. Its decorative sculptures are considered some of the high points of Greek art.

I hope you enjoy my photographs. Next time you travel, take a moment to appreciate the design of the buildings you see.
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